Why? Where? What? When and Who? The Five W’s are at the source of any investigation, the same is true for our health and wellness. These are the basic questions that lead us to the moment in time that we felt our world change. That moment in time can be suspended in limbo till it is reawakened. W5Wellness helps to Clarify, Capture and Create sustainable health the GNM way and it starts with asking WHY?


The information provided here is for educational purpose only and in no way should it be considered as medical advice. It should not be used for diagnosing or treating of health problems or disease. It is not a substitute for a doctors care.


Our mission is to help people in need of physical or emotional support, by means of German New Medicine (GNM). Our goal is to facilitate a balanced state of being, by means of this time tested, non-invasive technique. Encouraging you to look at yourself in a brand new way.
A vital point to remember is that humans are part of the animal kingdom and are governed by the laws of nature.
Although you may be outside our touch-contact area, take advantage of our years of education and training by Face-time, Skype, phone or just glean info posted on this site 
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One never knows when the symptoms or emotional pain will be triggered and change the dynamics of our existence. It is usually at this point in our health that we reach out for help. The sleeplessness, the swelling, itching, or fever etc. has finally demanded that you do something. There in lies the answer! Reach out if you are not having success in discovering the reason for the shift in your wellbeing.

Self- Devaluation Chart

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